Signing of Peace Protocol, T. Chartran (1899)
Resolving the Spanish-American War dispute.

Dispute Resolution Specialists

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Disputes can rapidly deteriorate into costly litigation. These costs severely affect the financial, psychological, emotional, and productive health of an individual or an organization. They can also negatively impact trust and hard-earned reputations. However, when managed with knowledge, expertise, skill, and competence, disputes can be settled with creative and innovative solutions that generate value, mitigate risk, foster trust, and build solid reputations.

At Lapin Negotiation Services, our dispute resolution specialists have helped our clients avoid the enormous costs of litigation and conflict through our litigation-avoidance consulting, training, and mediation services.

With 20 years of dispute resolution experience across a broad range of complex disputes, we are confident that we can deliver superior, swift, and satisfying results that will conserve your resources, assets, relationships, and reputation while avoiding corrosive conflict and costly lawsuits.

Litigation-Avoidance Consulting

Importance of Litigation-Avoidance

By advising clients in sophisticated litigation-avoidance measures and relationship management techniques, Lapin Negotiation Services provides clients with the steps and skills necessary to avert potential conflicts.

Even in cases where our clients have retained our services after they have already become embroiled in a dispute, our litigation-avoidance specialists have advised, coached, and guided them through highly effective dispute resolution processes. This has allowed them to avoid the excessive costs of litigation while settling the dispute swiftly, privately, with dignity, and to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.


Good litigation-avoidance practice can be implemented at any and all stages of a business relationship – contract negotiations, negotiating and drafting dispute resolution clauses in contracts, relationship management – at early signs of disputes and beyond.

Specific Litigation-Avoidance Services

Lapin Negotiation Services consultants will help your executives, leadership and teams by:

  • Advising in contract negotiations and helping set a tone of collaborative problem-solving and constructive communication. These negotiations will serve as a model with which to manage the relationship for the entire duration of the contract.
  • Negotiating, designing, and drafting dispute resolution clauses for your contracts that will bind parties to alternative dispute resolution processes in the event of disputes. These clauses are intended to resolve disputes effectively, avoiding litigation and without weakening your position or disadvantaging you in any way.
  • Engaging all parties involved in a dispute or pending lawsuit in productive dispute resolution discussions from a position of strength and confidence.
  • Coaching in effective dispute resolution processes and techniques, and in how to manage communications constructively, to ensure satisfying, value-creating, sustainable, and efficient ‎resolutions.
  • Studying all the issues surrounding your case and generating creative and original solution ideas that could conceivably be acceptable to all sides.‎

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The Value of Effective Mediation

When direct negotiations prove difficult to start, or negotiations between the parties break down catastrophically, the irreversible, risky, and costly path to litigation looms. The far superior and more predictable path to take is to retain the services of a neutral professional and skilled mediator from Lapin Negotiation Services to work with all parties and to bring negotiations back on track toward an efficient and effective resolution.

With 20 years of mediation experience across a broad range of complex disputes, Lapin Negotiation Services mediators have resolved close to one thousand disputes encompassing the areas of intellectual property, construction, business, public policy, land usage, defense, healthcare, employment, medical malpractice, labor union issues, and multinational conflict where cultural differences often play a key role.


Our highly trained professional mediators have saved our clients millions of dollars in litigation costs by helping them negotiate satisfying and valuable resolutions to their disputes. These results have often also achieved the preservation of the relationship between the disputing parties.

Specific Mediation Services

Lapin Negotiation Services mediation specialists will:

  • Work with lawyers and clients, to determine if mediation is the optimal process for that particular dispute.
  • Help you devise ways of presenting the mediation option to the other side while projecting great confidence and without appearing weak.
  • Identify the relevant parties that need to be present at the mediation.
  • Engage all relevant parties in pre-mediation discussions to ensure that process concerns are being addressed.
  • Convene and facilitate the mediation.
  • Ensure that you maintain control of decisions and remain an active participant in the design of any resulting resolutions.
  • Draft mediated agreements.

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