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Skillfully performed negotiations can increase efficiency, value, revenue, savings, and risk mitigation without increasing costs. Good negotiators also build trust and strong, lasting relationships through their negotiation process – an extremely valuable and crucial derivative of effective negotiation, yet frequently neglected.

At Lapin Negotiation Services, our practice is based on the methodology developed and taught at the Harvard Law School’s Program on Negotiation. Our 20 years of client experience have taught us that optimizing value and achieving superior and sustainable results in any negotiation requires a process-driven approach supported by dialogue, understanding, mutual trust, and relationship building.


Today, our clients benefit from this wisdom and knowledge as we we help them successfully manage their critical negotiations which increases their profitability and limits their exposure to risk. As the leaders in our field with the most experience and negotiation expertise, we are confident that we can positively impact your negotiation effectiveness and install a high performance negotiation culture in your organization.

Negotiation Training

Training specialists at Lapin Negotiation Services have a proven track record of designing and delivering highly effective and relevant learning programs to Fortune 100 companies that have had long-lasting impact. These programs have produced measurable and considerable results furthering our clients’ business objectives and thereby generating substantial and swift returns on training investment.

Account teams, sales, contracting, sourcing, and procurement divisions, and others who engage in regular negotiations, often leave significant unclaimed value on the table. Additionally, in the process of negotiations, they frequently cause distressed relationships – a costly consequence of a suboptimal negotiation process.


A common cause for this corporate-wide weakness and uncontained cost is failing to invest sufficiently in the development of highly skilled negotiators through intensive training and coaching.

Our Corporate Education Team provides custom, client-centered negotiation programs:

  • Our interactive training initiatives are customized and tailored to our client environment, reflecting both content and complexity of negotiations in which they typically engage.
  • Our philosophy is to focus on and incorporate real-time live issues and challenges into the session so that there is an immediate application and seamless transference from classroom training to conference room table.
  • In addition to the design and delivery of training sessions, we also work with our clients to devise strategies, programs, and incentive plans to ensure continued impact, performance, and improvement.
  • We also work with our clients to develop small teams of negotiation “black belt” specialists within the organization, to serve as internal negotiation support and coaching experts. This builds a strong corporate negotiation capability and culture within the organization.

Please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation regarding our Corporate Education services.

Negotiation Consulting

At Lapin Negotiation Services, we advise, coach, and support negotiation teams on specific negotiation challenges and guide them to successful and satisfying outcomes.

Often, negotiation teams lack skill, experience, and process to advance complex negotiations toward an optimal outcome. Sometimes negotiators are just too close to the negotiation to have a fresh and unsullied perspective. These dynamics frequently produce inefficient, distressed, or stalled negotiations, with suboptimal outomes and eroded relationships. In these types of situations, it would be invaluable for you to retain our negotiation consultant services to assist you in your negotiations.


Our specialists will consult with, advise, support, and coach your account management, business development, sales, procurement, legal, contracting, and sourcing teams. They will guide your teams through diligent preparation, carefully devised strategy, orchestrated process, and creative thinking. This will result in superior and sustainable outcomes, while generating value and building strong relationships.

Please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation regarding our Negotiation Consulting services.

Negotiation Representation

Lapin Negotiation Services represents clients in a broad range of negotiations in both national and international contexts. We achieve high value results for our clients that prove sustainable and profitable over time, while maintaining strong relationships.

When a negotiation is particularly complex, or an apparent impasse has been reached, or personality and relationship issues are derailing productive communication, it could be essential for you to retain the services of a professional highly trained and skilled negotiator from Lapin Negotiation Services.


Our negotiation specialists will engage directly with your negotiating partners, either as part of your team or independently. At all times you will be fully engaged in, involved with, and apprised of devising strategy, preparation, discussions, proposal design, agreements, commitments, and drafting. In addition, you, as our client, will retain full authority on any decisions and agreements at all times.

This arms-length stratagem will also provide you with a more detached and less pressured space in which to consider carefully all ideas and proposals, thereby avoiding the common mistake of premature commitment.

Please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation regarding our Negotiation Representation services.

Negotiation Facilitation

Trained and experienced negotiation facilitators at Lapin Negotiation Services design effective group processes and have successfully facilitated many complex multi-party negotiations.

When negotiations involve multiple interest groups, such as in environmental, land usage, regulatory, resource allocation, and public policy negotiations, talks can spiral into cycles of unproductive interactions with much wasted time and no resolution. In addition, these kinds of negotiations require very careful planning with regard to issues such as which groups need to be represented, who will represent them, and consensus on the agenda and process to be implemented.


To ensure an efficient, productive, and constructive process, it could be crucial for you to retain the services of a neutral negotiation facilitator from Lapin Negotiation Services.

Our expert facilitators will perform all the necessary pre-negotiation work, and engage with all interest groups to design and convene a highly effective meeting. We will also facilitate the negotiation to ensure that it remains productive and efficient at all times.

By utilizing the services of our negotiation facilitators, the chances of reaching optimal, innovative, and sustainable agreements that meet the needs of all interest groups will be dramatically improved.

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